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In Memoriam

The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office remembers the following deputies who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty:

Undersheriff Guy Jarvis

Undersheriff Guy Jarvis


Undersheriff Jarvis was shot and killed by a man he was attempting to arrest for gasoline theft.

Undersheriff Jarvis and another deputy went to a residence to arrest a man for taking gasoline the night before. The car used to take the gasoline had been traced to the residence. Undersheriff Jarvis went to the east door and the other deputy to the west door of the house. After knocking and getting no answer, Undersheriff Jarvis poked his head in the door and immediately pulled it back, ordering the suspect to lay down his gun.

The suspect made a deal that if the deputies would lay down their weapons, he would lay his down and surrender. After both deputies laid down their guns, the suspect came out with a shotgun and shot Undersheriff Jarvis. The other deputy left the scene and the suspect escaped.

The suspect was later apprehended, sentenced to death, and executed in the electric chair on August 19, 1932.