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Inmate Medical Services

Blaine County Jail utilizes Turnkey Health to provide medical services to inmates. Turnkey Health provides a nurse 12 hours per week. The nurse is present at the jail two (2) times per week, unless they are unable to be present due to personal emergencies or inclement weather, and the medical provider by Tele-Med will be available once per week.

Medical fees are withdrawn from the inmates commissary account, unless the inmate is deemed indigent. For indigent inmates, medical fees are added onto their court costs and fines. There is no charge for the inmate to be seen by the medical assistant or nurse.

  1. An inmate requiring medical or dental health services of a non-emergency nature must complete a Medical Request Form. The nurse will see inmates on the days they are here, unless you are having a medical emergency.
  2. All medication will be taken in front of jail staff. You will be required to open your mouth and show that the medication was swallowed.
  3. All medication, unless otherwise stated, will be crushed and placed into a cup of water to prevent the hoarding or passing of medication.
  4. In accordance with state law 19 O.S. 68.531, a fee of $10.00 will be added to jail costs for each medical visit and a $5.00 fee for each prescription.
  5. Off-site dental appointments will be paid for by you or your family, before the appointment, unless other arrangements have been made.